Hello there!

So, I tried to retire this blog in favor of a different blog setup on my home website, carolinesavery.com/#/co-ops, but I was unsuccessful.  Until I figure out a solution, I will continue blogging here.

Check out my latest blogs, published on joiningvisionandaction.com:

JVA is a great resource for start-up nonprofits, social enterprises, and co-ops--definitely check them out! I now proudly work part-time with them. :)

I've been writing a whole lot more--synthesizing my unique perspective combining philosophies of consciousness, sustainability, systems-thinking/holism, cooperative organizing, dialogue and deliberative processes, and Buddhism, which I hope to be publishing more of on the following site... I've also been and continue to be heavily involved in the starting up of Cosmos.coop, a intentional community/platform co-op for visionary people. Check it out and if it speaks to you, consider joining at $2/month.

Also check out the amazing happenings happening at RMEOC and the latest events and news of Nourish Community Co-op, West Colfax Community Co-op, and Westwood Food Co-op.



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