Below are the workshops that I can offer independently.  All sustainability workshops are original and exclusive, as their content is drawn from The Sust Enable Project.  Ask me about designing workshops customized to your needs.

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Available workshops & presentations

Democratic and Sustainable Organizations

  • Leadership in Democratic and Sustainable Organizations.  What are democratic and sustainable organizations?  Why do these models matter so much to our world today?  This workshop focuses on preparing leaders to thrive in equitable organizations, where the best decisions are made through robust stakeholder engagement.  Rather than a "leader-follower" mentality, we cultivate a "leader as model" orientation that realizes the benefits of empowering everyone to participate skillfully in integral group processes.  This workshop teaches both theory and hands-on engagement, building the toolset and skills needed for excellence in stakeholder-centered organizations.

  • What Does Sustainability Mean? - A creative, interactive exploration of different interpretations of "sustainability," the world's hottest buzzword that still remains mostly undefined!   This workshop is supported by a dynamic range of perspectives brought together by The Sust Enable Project.
  • Experiencing Sustainability in Our Daily Lives - Exploring how sustainability--and unsustainability--manifests in the subtle events of our everyday lives, including our choices, relationships, and pursuits, and how we can cultivate greater measures of sustainability throughout our lifestyles.
  • Sustainability in Organizing and Organizations - This workshop delves into the main sustainability principles emerging from ongoing Sust Enable Project research, and how these themes can be consciously applied to an organization to improve its functionality and efficacy.
Cooperatives & Business
  • Co-ops 101: All about Co-ops - What are co-ops?  How do they work?  This workshops explores everything you might wonder about cooperatives.  Highly customizable, this workshop can include design principles, history, philosophy, structures and procedures of co-ops, plus points on finances, law, taxes, process for starting up a co-op, and much more!
  • Steps to Starting a Co-operative - Have you ever wondered what it would take to start up a new co-operative business?  This workshop explains the necessary steps to starting a co-operative, from visioning through starting operations! Note: we will explore the co-op start-up process in general; this is not the venue to receive personalized advice on your venture.
  • Co-operatives vs. Other Business Structures - An in-depth look at how cooperatives differ structurally and functionally from traditional for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations, and the practical, real-world implications of these differences.
  • Education & Training for members of existing cooperatives or collectives - Member education, training for Boards of Directors, comparing and selecting a decision-making framework, ways to participate, how to maintain healthy group dynamics--I can help you with any and all of these things!
Group Decision-Making
  • Consensus Decision-Making for Beginners - Consensus decision-making is an effective, equitable way to make decisions--though it is often misunderstood and misused!  This workshop steps through the theory, principles, process, tools, and strategies of Consensus Decision-Making.
  • Consensus Decision-Making: Advanced - For people who have previous experience with Consensus or currently use Consensus in group organizing, this workshop is designed to troubleshoot problems and explore the broad range of excellent solutions available to improve and strengthen Consensus process.  This workshop is ideal for all members of an existing group struggling with Consensus, or for individuals who are seeking to improve their skills.
  • Embodying Anti-Oppressive Values in Our Groups and Relationships - What does it mean to be actively "anti-oppression?"  What would it look like to truly embody the value of "everyone's voice is legitimate and welcome?"  This workshop gives the important tools for recognizing and eliminating systemic, sometimes-invisible patterns of oppression happening within ourselves and plays out in our groups.  The effect of this training is to enhance our crafting of inclusive, effective groups.
  • Comparing and Selecting Equitable Group Decision-Making Structures, including co-operatives and collectives - So your group is committed to making decisions in a democratic or equitable way... but what decision-making process is going to work best for your group's special needs and goals?  This workshop gives an in-depth look and analysis of the pros and cons of different equitable decision-making structures, so your group can move towards an informed selection.
    Don't see what you're looking for?  I can design a custom workshop to your needs... Just ask!

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